IT Service Excellence

What's your plan for

Service Management?

If you don't do the right thing, there's an 80% risk, that you'll fail 


The ability to combine and accellerate your Service Management framework with the philosophy of Operational Excellence is the ultimate advantage.

IT Service Excellence increases your capabilities and enables you to continuesly improve your IT organization, become self-driven & -sustainable and secures a top-performing organization - to outrun your competitors.

By bridging your IT Strategy with Best Practice frameworks (Traditional ITSM, Agile or DevOps), matched to your organizational reality, Zangaard help you enable the full potential of IT. Improving, strengthening and optimizing your value, effect and efficiency. Securing your competive edge.

Get onboard the IT Service Excellence Program, to unleach the full potential of your IT organization from stratey to reality.

Service Excellence: Accellerate your IT organization

IT Service Excellence
IT Service Excellence
IT Service Excellence
IT Service Excellence
IT Service Excellence
IT Service Excellence


Implementing IT Service Management - whether Traditional, Agile, DevOps or a mix - have a direct impact on your IT organization's EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY.

IT Service Management enables you to do the right things and to do those things right; explained like this;

  1. Being very efficient (doing this right) but with no effect (by not doing the right things) takes you into a die slow position. This is where you'll lose money (or being regarded too expensive) adding low value to business.
    The ugly truth: You've been targeted for outsourcing. Embrace for impact.

  2. Being very effective but inefficient will drive you into a survival position.
    You're delivering on promisses; but you're on a inefficient path.
    The ugly truth: It's simply a matter of time, before you company will be disrupted or your IT organization will be outsourced.
    Examples of disruption would be traditional taxi services vs. Uber or the media-service-provider Blockbuster vs. Netflix.

At ZANGAARD we know it's crucial for your organization to not lose your competitive advantage in an ever shifting landscape; and we know that an organizations ability to learn and translate that learning into actions rapidly, is the ultimate advantage.  

We'll help you carry out your strategy - and capture the true value, by managing your organization through a clearly designed Service Management implementation with clearly defined accountabilities, roles, processes and success factors.


Bridging Strategy to Reality - Your Reality

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