OPS Course (Incident vs. Problem)


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The Operational Processes in Practice


  1. To establish a common terminology
  2. To understand and optimize the capabilities for incident and problem management handling
    (mapping what to how) 
  3. To understand the potentials and value, using the right processes for the right focus and techniques.
  4. How to use the processes in practice
    (hands on and concrete techniques)


  • Operational processes
    Incident & Problem Management
  • Scope & interfaces
    Learn to optimize the processes
  • Process specific activities
    Service Restoration and Root Cause Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
    Measure - Manage - Improve
  • Knowledge Management
    Utilize knowledge for wisdom (DIKW)


  • Classroom Training


  • 2 days (0900-1700)

Participants (target audience):

  • Operational Resources
    (e.g. incident managers, problem managers)
  • Service Desk resources
  • Managers for operational support teams
  • Service Level Managers
  • Business Relation Managers
  • Development Resources


  • Training material
  • Meal package incl. beverages
  • Inspiring and central venues

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage

The why!

Efficiency increase of 100% in one year!

The ZANGAARD training ambition is to enable the participants to actually use the newly aquired skills in reality.
By using the new techniques, knowledge and insights, you'll reach a ROI of +100 within one year. Guaranteed!

Do you dare NOT to invest in knowledge?